In all of America, there are countless beautiful holiday destinations to choose from. However, none can boast from being the most populous of the whole continent like Mexico City can. The capital of the homonymous country of Mexico, Mexico City is a wonderful destination for all tourists who are interested in learning more about Latin American history and culture or simply having fun. The city located in the Valley of Mexico was founded by the Aztec Empire in 1325 and existed for two centuries under the indigenous name of Tenochtitlán before Conquistador Hernan Cortes seized the city in 1521. After this, the Spanish rebuilt it, and it stayed under the control of the Spanish crown for another three hundred years. Today, Mexico City, the capital of a 200 years-old independent country of Mexico, is home to more than 21 million people. 

Located over 2000 metres above sea level, the formerly-known-as Federal District city has got a precious historical centre, where tourists can find El Zócalo or Plaza Constitución, the city’s main square. It is a fantastic place, and famous for its social gatherings amongst the natives and visitors alike. Its mixture of indigenous and colonial styles makes it stand out, as well as all types of cultural activities such as parties and concerts. Around the square, which has been denominated as a World Heritage Site, visitors can find famous buildings such as the Metropolitan Cathedral – a baroque styled masterpiece, it took 250 years in total to be built on top of an ancient Aztec temple, and was ordered by Cortes himself – as well as the National Palace, where the wonderful paintings of Diego Rivera will leave the observers in awe. Other fantastic buildings not to miss near El Zócalo include the Templo Mayor, a major temple that used to be in the centre of Tenochtitlán, and which got buried under the Spanish reconstruction of the city. Recently rediscovered by archaeologists, the temple ruins and its museum are available for tourists to visit.

For those who are looking forward to a relaxing time, they must go spend some in the Forest of Chaputlepec, the great green lung of Mexico City. At this crowded park, visitors can release stress by taking a stroll on its pathways or going on board of a boat to cross its artificial lake. In Chaputlepec there is also the Nacional Anthropology Museum, one of the most important of its kind, as it holds the largest pre-Hispanic art collection in the world.

Of course, no trip to Mexico would be complete without having a taste of the most authentic Mexican food. Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, all sorts of spicy, alongside a few Tequila shots at any of the hundreds of bars and restaurants all over the city, can give tourists a real taste of what Mexico has to offer. Without a doubt, Mexico City is among the top holiday destinations in America.…

Edinburgh with the amazing Castle

Tourists looking for a great holiday destination can find great beaches and places to get a good tan all over the world. However, there are few places in the world that have as much charm and magic as the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh, the medieval paradise right in the highlands, is one of the most attractive historical cities in the world. A place known for its rich history, its wonderful stone castles and its stunning landscapes, the home of Sean Connery, JK Rowling and Alexander Graham Bell, Edinburgh may not be the first place most people think of when deciding where to travel, but the truth is it’s a wonderful city for travellers from all over the world.

Edinburgh has been the capital city of Scotland for at least five centuries, but traces of human habitants in the area can be dated back to around ten thousand years ago. Scottish history is long and convoluted, and Edinburgh was at the centre of it. For the most Anglophobe and historically inclined of tourists, the Scottish capital can be a fascinating place to visit. Both of Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns, divided by the wonderful Princes Street Gardens, are exceptionally rich in history for them to witness. Tourists can enjoy the best view of the city from Calton Hill, at the end of Princes Street. Aside from being a fantastic place to watch the sunset with all of Edinburgh at their feet, travellers can visit some worthwhile monuments such as the National Monument, the Dougal Stewart Monument, or the Nelson Monument.

On the other end of the city, another sight not to miss when visiting the historical city is Edinburgh Castle. Located on Castle Hill by the historical centre, and surrounded by cliffs, Edinburgh Castle is the most visited place by tourists, and for good reason; the castle is huge and contains numerous attractions for visitors such as St Margaret’s Chapel, the Stone of Scone, the National War Museum, the Pet Cemetery, and many more. The castle is especially wonderful during August, when tourists can witness the yearly military parade by the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, with fireworks and bagpipe performances.

Edinburgh is not only a historical city. Besides being the second most important financial district in the UK, it is also one of the most culturally significant spots in Britain. Over 30 festivals are celebrated annually in the city, but the two festivals for which Edinburgh is known worldwide are the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, both August events. The latter is the largest performing arts festival in the world with over 3000 shows staged on the over 300 venues all over the city.

Edinburgh is a wonderful place for visitors all over the world, whether they are looking to visit the beautiful sights and historical monuments, take part in the world-renown festivals, or just have a pint at one of the lovely pubs in the Royal Mile.…